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Falken’s Latest Winter Offering!

Aug 20, 2019

Falken tyres a Japanese brand was established in 1983, the name was deliberately chosen to express the dynamism, performance and natural elegance of the tyres. Three decades later, Falken is a high profile independent brand focusing on quality products.

We at Philip White Tyres are proud stockists of the brand and have been close trading partners for many years now. Falken is continuously enhancing its tyre technology and as of lately has advanced its tread concept. ACP (Adaptive Constant Pressure) provides even distribution of pressure throughout, enhances grip, increases braking performance and directional stability.

Advanced 4D – Nano Design enables savings in fuel consumption of up to five percent to be achieved compared to conventional tyre models, and significantly improves the tyres performance in wet conditions.

With winter only around the corner have you thought about getting ahead of the game and getting winter ready? By purchasing a set of Falken winter tyres you will be!

Ensure you are fully equipped with Falken’s latest generation of EUROWINTER products. The brand has released the HS01 Winter tyre with significantly improved wear life and wet performance thanks to 4D – Nano Design technology enhanced compounds. The latest model in Falken’s respected EUROWINTER line, is now a Volkswagen approved tyre, meaning it is OE (original equipment) on the new VW Polo!

Stiffer tread blocks which enhance snow traction while improving ride comfort. Outstanding traction and braking performance in snow and ice. Extraordinary resistance against aquaplaning.

Falken’s versatile EUROALL SEASON AS210 is now also available, offering year round usability, comfort, safety and performance. The EUROALL SEASON is approved by Mercedes-Benz as OE for the G-Class. The variable mini groove tread depth delivers optimal handling and braking in any weather condition. Ensuring even wear across the tyre!

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